I was digging through some old design projects and came across a logo design and brochure project for a company named Hattaway Communications. This project was one of the first I landed when I went out on my own in the Summer of 2001. I looked them up and discovered that Doug Hattaway has grown his business and is doing pretty well (see — and they are still using the logo I designed for them. Even though I had little to do with their progress, it gratified me a little to see them still going strong.


I opened up the proposal that I had written for the project. I winced at some of the language — I was just figuring out how to write proposals and I think I went a little overboard. “I am confident that my services will be of tremendous value to Hattaway. Following is a proposal for initial services in what I hope will turn into a long-term relationship.” I laid it on a little thick. Nonetheless, I got the project, and it was a project that tided me over through some lean times.

Then I came to the schedule. The kickoff meeting was set for September 4th. The final approval of the brochure was to be September 28th. One date stood out to me in particular. “Final Logo Approved — Sept. 12″ It strikes me that I have no strong recollection that this was my client in September of 2001, but I can’t imagine that the final logo was approved on September 12. I’m pretty sure Doug was busy that day.

It’s odd and wondrous how looking at an 8-year-old proposal can remind me of an indelible event, and I can marvel at the success of a long-lost client, and somehow at the end of it all feel a little hopeful that this economy and this country may actually turn around.

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